A quick introduction

What Is

We all know that the world is changing fast — and that the pace of change is accelerating. The problems we humans have created for ourselves are frightening:

  • Loneliness is literally epidemic. We are probably the loneliest humans ever to live.
  • Related to that is the despair that shows itself in exploding suicide rates and addictions to drugs like opioids. 
  • Growing inequality that echoes the eras of robber barons and medieval aristocracy. 
  • Global warming promises historic disruptions.
  • Technology like robotics and artificial intelligence are beginning to change the world of work and, therefore, an entire web of human roles and relationships. 

You can add to the list. It goes on and on. 

So What?

What does all of this change mean? What does it mean at the most fundamental level of our sense of our selves, our sense of our place, our notion of how we are to lead our lives? What can we do? What ought we do? 

In this blog I want to look at the big pictures of what is—the perspectives we get from science, anthropology, sociology, history, genetics and such. More importantly, I want us to explore together what all of this implies. I want to begin a conversation. I hope my reflections spur a lively discussion in the comments section. 

A couple of caveats. Many, perhaps most, of those who will look at this will know me as the former president of the Unitarian Universalist Association and/or a parish minister in Colorado. This blog is not about the UUA or liberal religion or theology. 

Let the conversation begin. Click on the “recent posts” in red to see the entries.